Abridged version: Lover of positive and creative things with too many interests for my own good… one of them, as you might have guessed, being design. Also, currently Chief S'moremaker at S'more Brands.

Hello you! Feel free to tell me all about yourself in the contact section so that we’re even after you read this silly page. Or not. Whatever you fancy, really.

I’m Lalena, though I also go by Laine. What you get in this website is a look at my most recent efforts in the delightful world of web and graphic design. I most certainly welcome any and all constructive criticism!

I created my first website from scratch at the age of sixteen, a…. personality-filled place hosted by Yahoo! Geocities. Thereafter I would dabble in design, but for most of that time I didn’t imagine I could maybe, just possibly, turn it into some sort of career. Even with all the time and effort in the world. I was even harder on myself back then than I am now…

In addition to design, I also found myself drawn to music and filmmaking. To date, I enjoy my beginner status in these areas, specifically singing (usually when no one’s around), light guitar-playing, screenwriting, and last but not least, making short films and “secret” practice YouTube videos. I find nature and physical activity to be a must in some sort of regular-basis kind of way, as well.

I’m also vegan (since 2004), which means I’m constantly attempting to minimize my negative impact on the animal kingdom, both in regard to the physical treatment of non-humans as well as the annoyance levels of humans who interact with me.

Oh! And Whiskas the Cat, whose personality is not terribly unlike Stitch from Lilo & Stitch, is my partner-in-crime.

A couple pictures of the aforementioned Whiskas:

Recommended Resources for Designers


A designspiration tool: “Show and tell for designers”

A designspiration tool: “The visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas.”


Adobe Color CC
Color scheme tool and inspiration

Color palette inspiration: “For all who love color”


Google Fonts
Font resource: free for commercial and personal use, AND hosts your fonts for you!

Font Squirrel
Font resource: “100% free for commercial use”

Font resource (including free commercial-use-friendly fonts — just enter the right search criteria!)

Mockups and More

Various free resources including several high-quality mockup PSDs to showcase your designs in different contexts

Various premium and free resources including several high-quality mockup PSDs to showcase your designs in different contexts

Anthony Boyd Graphics
Quality mockups and textures. Mockups used in this site: Modern iPhone X and Macbook Pro Mockup Vol. 3 and Front View iPhone X and Macbook Pro Mockup.