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Starlight Cleaners & Tuxedo

The same team behind Spring Lake Manor (also featured in my portfolio) tasked us at S'more Brands with giving life to their latest endeavor: Starlight Cleaners & Tuxedo. As with SLM, a full branding package was in order, including business cards, social media graphics, and a website, to name a few. (Click to read more...)

Because of their location and the type of business this is, it was established right away that a “beachy” feel was the way to go. The client informed me that their physical space would be going a distressed wood route flooring-wise, and that they were imagining a blue and/or gray palette, so it was important to keep all of this in mind as I put my concepts together. In addition, a sans serif logotype was in order, as part of a desire for a clean, timeless aesthetic, and to appeal to a broad audience (comprised of lawyers and prom-goers alike). Ultimately, with the inclusion of some brilliant input from S’more Brands Camp Director, Erik, we arrived at the version you see here.

Oh, and I also wanted to sneak in one of the other options we had included along the way—just because it’s another personal favorite of mine (see “Additional Views” down below).

The website is a responsive WordPress one (like pretty much every site we do these days), and I used the Divi theme, starting from scratch using the Divi Builder for an easy editing experience on the client side in the future. Overall the website is on the small and minimal in fancy functionality, serving as a means of linking to their tuxedo catalog so users could find out how to reserve tuxes from them, as well as find out a bit about the services they offer, what specials are going on, and how to contact them. I also wanted to dress up the newsletter sign-up area a bit to get people in the loop with all things Starlight. All the while, I got to do my favorite thing which means brand the website from head to toe, so no complaints on the fun scale for me over here. 🙂

The same was the case with the business cards and other collateral—fully branded; full of Starlight personality. The logomark made for a playful and eye-catching pattern so we didn’t skimp on implementing it in different ways whether on the business cards or social covers. We balanced out the heavily-applied blue-toned palette with bright, colorful photography and clean line icons where appropriate. I think it’s safe to say we met our objective with a professional yet catchy identity, while putting the “clean” in “cleaners”… (Sorry, had to!)

Role(s): design; development

Lemon Wing

Lemon Wing, a wedding and concept photographer, knows how to stand out from the crowd. To match Amy (the business owner)'s whimsical and warm personality, and the stunningly creative photography her business produces, we needed a brand identity that would be eye-catching and in no way lacking in color. It also had to be clean and modern. (Click to read more...)

I took to the drawing board and after having a little too much fun I came up with a few contenders. One of which came so close in the end that I wanted to share it with you here, in the “Additional Views” section further down on this page. (Hint: it’s the flying lemon concept.) But the logo that made the most overall sense for Amy’s business was the lemon slice/feather concept, which was a perfect opportunity to weave in a lively, varied color palette, including some of her favorite colors. It also presented seamlessly in clean and contemporary contexts. The lemon and feather are two objects that have historically held meaning for Amy, so having the literal connection to the business name was all the more important.

The website was all about showing off Lemon Wing’s photography, and of course being easy to navigate said photography, for instance through breaking up their different types into categories and highlighting these categories on the homepage. When it came to the galleries themselves, Amy wanted to make sure the images flooded the page, but in a tidy fashion, and this is where a masonry display for the image thumbnails came into play, along with going full-width. We also learned how to use a new WordPress header plugin for this site, to meet a somewhat unique objective with the header positioning throughout the site, as well as some other neat features.

All other branding played out fairly straightforwardly. For the business cards, we set them up for one side to be one of Amy’s photos (one of Amy’s genius creative ideas), and for her Facebook cover art, one of her photos served as the perfect backdrop for incorporating her logo and tagline, leaving her profile image as her friendly face per her request. This was a S’more Brands project which means we worked with Amy in real time; I’m pretty sure her positive energy added a lot to the final outcome of her branding!

Role(s): design; development assistance

Dan Bushkin Photography

The tagline "For the wild untamed hearts" tells you a lot about what the right direction for Dan Bushkin Photography's branding was going to be. A traveling wedding photographer, Dan's business is all about candid moments for couples who don't hold back, ready for their weirdness and adventurous spirit to shine through. And this is why a unicorn-themed logo just made sense as the official selection. (Click to read more...)

Dan liked the idea of something clean, and that worked well as a standalone icon, but also something that acknowledged his outside-the-box nature, and the logo that we crafted for him possessed these traits with its geometric aesthetic and—of course—subject itself.

The color palette was for the most part black and white but with touches of bright “highlighter” yellow when the occasion called for it, except for in his new pricing booklet where we made the yellow a key player in the bright and lively presentation. (We also brought in other classic “highlight” colors when it came to his Instagram Story Highlight covers.) When it came to the typography, a rounded sans serif typeface was the ideal choice, to literally soften out and complement the clean lines throughout the branding collateral. Similarly, we introduced some “organized chaos” with crisscrossed line graphics in some of his materials, balancing out the logo’s more structured nature.

Following our classic S’more Brands protocol, the website along with other items were built in real time with Dan there with us through video chat (more about the process here), which allowed us to work with full transparency and step by step feedback to ensure he was happy with everything by the end of the day. Photography was of course the focal point throughout the website build, and using the WordPress Divi theme, we worked diligently as a team to showcase his photos in a fun and organized manner.

Role(s): design; development assistance

Spring Lake Manor

With Spring Lake Manor, a recently-restored historic reception venue, we were tasked with two primary objectives: 1) modernize their existing visual identity, and 2) create a fresh, new, responsive website that wouldn't leave out their numerous mobile-oriented visitors. (Click to read more...)

When it came to Spring Lake’s branding, the key was to give the look and feel a makeover without straying far from their original color palette (mainly a gold and maroon pairing). All the while we aimed to convey an elegant aesthetic that would echo the charming, historic nature of the manor. We achieved this by doing things like drawing more attention to the lovely dove and laurel graphic they already had in place, as well as going with a timeless font (Playfair Display Italic in particular) and giving elements more breathing room with a generous use of whitespace. The end result was a more contemporary and sophisticated version of what had originally been in place, and we at S’more Brands couldn’t be prouder.

The website was definitely a labor of love! In addition to making sure everything was seamlessly responsive, we packed it with a bunch of features including a “full screen” image slider on the homepage, easy-to-use contact forms, streamlined photo galleries, and dynamic event listings, to name a few. It was important we make the user’s visit aesthetically pleasing and place an emphasis on the beautiful new photography throughout, but also make sure potential guests could find answers to their questions as quickly as possible, whether on a desktop computer or a phone.

Role(s): design; development assistance


Already having established themselves with a product that was proven to make a positive difference in the lives of their target demographic (mostly women ages 18-65), Bandelettes was ready for a more polished and branded e-commerce website that was also user- and mobile-friendly through and through.

Firstly, the visual branding underwent a bit of revamping with an updated color palette and typography. It wasn’t anything incredibly drastic, seeing as the logo’s graphic was kept intact, but the new typeface offered a slightly more playful and unique look, and the introduction of turquoise to pair with a similar shade of the preexisting dark purple gave the Bandelettes brand recognition a little boost.

When it came to design elements and the website itself, an air of playful sophistication was key, along with making it clear right away that the product (primarily anti-chafing thigh bands) is nothing like what a visitor may have tried before. And since this was also an e-commerce project, the layout for product categories, shopping-related header elements, and promotional text needed to be carefully balanced around other newly-introduced items in a hierarchy that made sense as a whole. This was the case in everything from the robust homepage to the interior shop pages. For that playful touch, we had some elements “escape” their containers a bit, and brought type and color together in a bold manner throughout.

Role(s): design


Getting to do the website of the company at which I was a full-time employee was quite the honor! The goal was to keep things not just user-friendly, but approachable as well, with a small business owner audience in mind, and vibrant and creative, to echo the brand behind, well, Brandefined. I felt like this project was my baby because I not only got to be in charge of design, but also development, and even got to launch the thing myself! It is one of my favorite designs to date.

Role(s): design; development

Season’s Eatings Holiday Bake-Off 2017

Strictly a mockup, and to this day never developed, I constructed a baking competition concept for a fictitious website just so I could practice my web design/UI skills in a good ol’ fashioned holiday… fashion 🙂 Full pixels can be accessed directly here.

Off The Waffle

This one was just too much fun to work on. As soon as I got my hands on that Liège waffle vector illustration (in the homepage intro text area) and reflected upon that little guy — combined with the Off The Waffle logo (I mean LOOK at that logo) — everything seemingly fell into place. An “offset” nature throughout seemed to suit this restaurant’s design quite perfectly, whether it be tantalizing dishes overlaying backgrounds, or yellow highlights askew behind vector art, or triple-layered multi-colored buttons and page headings. In sum, three words: quirky, playful, and tasty.

Role(s): design; some development assistance

Alana International Travel

Photography was huge for the Alana International Travel website. Destination possibilities were the name of the game. That’s why the image of St. John’s Trunk Bay (in the U.S. Virgin Islands) awaits the visitor front and center on the homepage, in addition to the inclusion of imagery in various other parts of the website, including a standalone destination gallery page. Along with photographs, I ultimately encouraged users to contact the business through the inclusion of personability (team photos), credibility (testimonials), and prominent calls to action.

Role(s): design; some development assistance

Alliance Investigation Group

Not only did the new website for Alliance Investigation Group offer the benefit of responsive magic (accommodating devices big and small), but it served as an opportunity for a strong rebrand! A new logo was the first step, followed by its corresponding web design. The included photography was carefully selected to contain warm, wholesome color palettes, and placed alongside serif typography and beige-tinted noise and wood textures, which all came together to exude a classic private investigator’s office vibe. Or at least that’s how I’d describe it!

Role(s): design; some development assistance