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Already having established themselves with a product that was proven to make a positive difference in the lives of their target demographic (mostly women ages 18-65), Bandelettes was ready for a more polished and branded e-commerce website that was also user- and mobile-friendly through and through.

Firstly, the visual branding underwent a bit of revamping with an updated color palette and typography. It wasn’t anything incredibly drastic, seeing as the logo’s graphic was kept intact, but the new typeface offered a slightly more playful and unique look, and the introduction of turquoise to pair with a similar shade of the preexisting dark purple gave the Bandelettes brand recognition a little boost.

When it came to design elements and the website itself, an air of playful sophistication was key, along with making it clear right away that the product (primarily anti-chafing thigh bands) is nothing like what a visitor may have tried before. And since this was also an e-commerce project, the layout for product categories, shopping-related header elements, and promotional text needed to be carefully balanced around other newly-introduced items in a hierarchy that made sense as a whole. This was the case in everything from the robust homepage to the interior shop pages. For that playful touch, we had some elements “escape” their containers a bit, and brought type and color together in a bold manner throughout.

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