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The tagline "For the wild untamed hearts" tells you a lot about what the right direction for Dan Bushkin Photography's branding was going to be. A traveling wedding photographer, Dan's business is all about candid moments for couples who don't hold back, ready for their weirdness and adventurous spirit to shine through. And this is why a unicorn-themed logo just made sense as the official selection. (Click to read more...)

Dan liked the idea of something clean, and that worked well as a standalone icon, but also something that acknowledged his outside-the-box nature, and the logo that we crafted for him possessed these traits with its geometric aesthetic and—of course—subject itself.

The color palette was for the most part black and white but with touches of bright “highlighter” yellow when the occasion called for it, except for in his new pricing booklet where we made the yellow a key player in the bright and lively presentation. (We also brought in other classic “highlight” colors when it came to his Instagram Story Highlight covers.) When it came to the typography, a rounded sans serif typeface was the ideal choice, to literally soften out and complement the clean lines throughout the branding collateral. Similarly, we introduced some “organized chaos” with crisscrossed line graphics in some of his materials, balancing out the logo’s more structured nature.

Following our classic S’more Brands protocol, the website along with other items were built in real time with Dan there with us through video chat (more about the process here), which allowed us to work with full transparency and step by step feedback to ensure he was happy with everything by the end of the day. Photography was of course the focal point throughout the website build, and using the WordPress Divi theme, we worked diligently as a team to showcase his photos in a fun and organized manner.

Role(s): design; development assistance

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