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With Spring Lake Manor, a recently-restored historic reception venue, we were tasked with two primary objectives: 1) modernize their existing visual identity, and 2) create a fresh, new, responsive website that wouldn't leave out their numerous mobile-oriented visitors. (Click to read more...)

When it came to Spring Lake’s branding, the key was to give the look and feel a makeover without straying far from their original color palette (mainly a gold and maroon pairing). All the while we aimed to convey an elegant aesthetic that would echo the charming, historic nature of the manor. We achieved this by doing things like drawing more attention to the lovely dove and laurel graphic they already had in place, as well as going with a timeless font (Playfair Display Italic in particular) and giving elements more breathing room with a generous use of whitespace. The end result was a more contemporary and sophisticated version of what had originally been in place, and we at S’more Brands couldn’t be prouder.

The website was definitely a labor of love! In addition to making sure everything was seamlessly responsive, we packed it with a bunch of features including a “full screen” image slider on the homepage, easy-to-use contact forms, streamlined photo galleries, and dynamic event listings, to name a few. It was important we make the user’s visit aesthetically pleasing and place an emphasis on the beautiful new photography throughout, but also make sure potential guests could find answers to their questions as quickly as possible, whether on a desktop computer or a phone.

Role(s): design; development assistance

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